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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of accommodation do you provide?
We personally work with three pousadas in the areas we cover. Two are rated 4 stars and all three have pools. You will find massage and spa therapy offered as well. Since our guide will be staying at the pousadas with you, all of your needs will be met.

How will I get around to/from the airport?
Providing you arrive the day of the tour, our guide will be waiting for you at your terminal outside of the airport. From there you can rest assured that you will be taken care of for the rest of the trip. We will take you to all the spots and drive you back to the airport once your tour has ended.

While on the trip, what kind of coaching will I receive?
Since our trips are for intermediate/advanced riders, we expect you to already be a self-sufficient kiter. If you are interested in advanced coaching, we do offer this on select trips. Enquire about this option at the time of booking.

What can I expect from your guide?
Our guide is a veteran Brazilian who has been kiting since 1999. He knows all the best spots in the areas we will be traveling to and really makes the tour extraordinary.

What size kite(s) should I bring?
For average weight males we recommend brining a 7m, 9m and 12m kite. For average women, we recommend bring a 5m or 6m, 7m, and 9m. You will need your smaller kites as we get closer to Jericoacoara where the wind is very strong.

What about boards?
You will need to bring your own board. Currently, we don't offer gear rentals.

What kind of food/drinks are available on the tour?
Brazil has amazing cuisine and specialty beverages. We will be stopping for food and drinks along the way up the coast. Breakfasts are included in the tour price, and lunch, dinner and drinks are not included, however very reasonably priced.

What about non-kiting companions?
We have had many non-kiters on our Brazil trip and they've had a blast! With endless beaches (most with shelter from the wind) they will have a great time in the 4x4s and buggies, or just lazing around. Jericoacoara has a variety of activities as well. Horseback riding, sandboarding and hammock lying to name a few!

Local Information

The northeast coast of Brazil has some of the most consistent wind on the planet, due to the trade winds that arrive from Africa. With constant year round winds, kitesurfing is possible in any season. However, the best time is the second half of the year from July to January with peak months being August and September. On most days in Jericoacoara, wind averages about 20 knots with gusts up to 40 on some days. See for yourself by checking out Brazil wind statistics here (look at the bright orange area on the right) or forecast for Jericoacoara, Fortaleza, or Cumbuco.

Official language


Form of government

Many countries, including most countries in Europe, are exempt from requiring a visa to enter Brazil, however you need a valid Passport. To see if your country requires a visa, click here.
U.S. and Canadian citizens do require a visa which they can get directly from Brazilian Consulate Portal or from third-party professional services.

8.514.215 km²

186,8 Million

Density of population
22 inhabitants per km²

Mainly Christians

South America

Time difference
CET -4 hours.

110-volt alternating current. An American adapter plug is necessary.

The dialling code for Brazil is +55.
Calling somebody by the use of telephone cards is possible in many places.
Mobile phones work.

There are several internet cafés nearby or even in the hotels.

The climate is tropical. Easily washable light cotton clothing is recommended. For the cooler evenings during winter a light pullover is advisable. Sun protection is important!

Health regulations
If you travel from Europe there won't be any immunization required. Nevertheless it is recommended, especially for individualistic travellers, to get a vaccination against hepatitis A, tetanus, typhoid and Yellow Fever.
Consult your family doctor before departure.

Local currency is Brazilian Real.
For today's currency exchange rates (BRL / USD) click here.

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